Adlon - Sport

Our Fantastic Tours

The hotel owner Claudio and his expert guides recommend made-to-measure tours.

Espresso Group: for more ambitious, trained cyclists with hundreds of kilometres under their belts, a new challenge on the most breathtaking hills in our hinterland, amidst old villages perched on fierce rock spurs dominating the sea and surrounding hills.
Average speed (flats) 27-30 km/h. Preferential course: climbs and flats.

Tiramisł Group: For those who love long bike rides and are looking to come into contact with nature and to relax and enjoy themselves.
Average speed (flats) 20-27 km/h.
Preferential course: hills and flats.

Caffelatte Group: For gentle cycling enthusiasts who love gentle climbs and want to stop and savour the flavour and scent of the land of Romagna, and get back in harmony with the environment.
Average speed (flats) 18-25 km/h.
Preferential course: hills and flats.

Guided tours are organised in March, April, May, September and October. We organise ad hoc weeks for our clients in the summer months. Minimum of 8 participants in each tour (Saturday is the rest day).